Cuddle Fleece

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Home Cuddle Fleece
The fabric is brushed on both sides ( one softer than the other ). This makes the fabric extremely soft to touch on both sides. The fabric is made entirely from polyester so it does not crease easily.

  • The fabric has a good volume to it due to the fur like appearance on both sides. This makes the fabric soft to touch. The brushed sides don't let the heat escape easily to provide warmth and comfort.
  • It is easier to work with but please consider that the fabric frays a lot till all the fur from the freshly cut ends have escaped the fabric.
  • The fabric is majorly used in making blankets, throws and loungewear. The fabric is also used in making stress relief comfort blankets (considering extra weight is added to the blanket) as well as stress relief dog beds. 
  • It wears well. The fabric is somehow durable and withstands everyday use. It recovers well after being washed (in below moderate washing conditions )so it’s a good choice for the pieces you’re likely to wash every now and then.
  • It is a rather heavy weight fabric. The cuddle soft feel of the fabric makes it perfect for loungewear.
Flannel Fleece Fabric
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