B3. The Hungover Games

                                                 Edinburgh on New Year's Eve

Hello again to you all lovely people out there.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a very happy new year. I also hope you all are sticking up to those new year resolutions you signed up for. I, personally, have no memory of signing up for anything. :) 


As I sunk deeper and deeper into the holiday period, my memory of  Christmas and new years eve faded day by day. All I remember was this very familiar headache called 'HANGOVER'.

After a very long sobering up process I have decided to write this blog. 

2017 for Fabriques has started on a positive note and we already have a lot of amazing people joining our Fabriques family. We would like to keep this positivity and move forward  with it.

A lot of new fabrics will be added to our collection this year. But i'll let Giorgia talk about the boring stuff in her next blog. 


Thank you for reading guys and I will catch you in the next one.

Shrey B.







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