B4: Cut Fold Pack Repeat !


B4: Cut Fold Pack Repeat !


Cut fold pack repeat! Now multiply it by 500 times.

Pfff... So glad that even today is over.  I can finally drop the scissors on the table and run some cold water on my sore hands and call it a day. And What a Day! Actually, what a trimester !!

Yes, It has been 3 months since we started this challenging but at the same time rewarding business.This is more than a part time job already. This is my daily routine now. This lil' business is like a baby to us that needs attentions 24/7 and can be quite needy no matter how tired we are. 

Anyway I am off to bed now. Hopefully the "baby" wont wake up till tomorrow.

In the meantime I wish myself and all of you a  BUONA NOTTE!

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