B1: Let there be LIGHT!!!


B1: Let there be LIGHT!!!


Hello to you all lovely people out there reading this.

I cannot believe it’s already Christmas 2016 and oh boy! what a journey of tragedy and surprises this 2016 has been.

 From being stuck in a boring 9-5 job which I never intended to do, quitting my job, being unemployed for a couple of months, then finally realizing my life long dreams and achieving it and now here I am writing my first blog on my own website. I can assure you, it has not been less than a movie.

 So, I have decided to take you all on a journey with me, not only to talk about the passion that we share i.e. fabrics but also an insight on our lives around Fabriques connecting you and us as a family and not as a customer.

 Oops! I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Shrey (sounds very much like ‘Shrek’), trust me I am nowhere as good looking as him ha-ha! You all will know more about me in the following blogs.

 Next week, you will get a chance to know about the brains behind this company, Giorgia.


Thank you for reading and I will catch you in the next one.

 Shrey B.


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  • Mirco

    I’m very happy to read this blog! I wish you the best luck!
    Ciao Shrey the muscles, ciao Giorgia the brain!
    Mirco from Italy =)

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